Whale Shark Findings Through Photo Tagging

Whale Sharks of Utila

This is a record of whale sharks photographed in Utila if you click on any of the links below, you will go to the WildMe.org website where you can see the history of the actual whale shark and details about it. Although there are sharks that have only been seen once or twice, there are others such as H-016 which has been seen 35 times off the coast of Utila and a once in Belize or H-019 which has been seen 42 times in Utila and Mexico.

Other whale shark ‘stars’ include BZ-001, a Belizian shark that has been seen in three different countries (Honduras, Belize and Mexico) and spotted 19 times, BZ-026, spotted in three countries, and MXA-008, seen 28 times in three countries.

Also H-045 was seen in Utila (2002) and multiple times in 2007; H-045 was then seen swimming above the USS Oriskany off of the Gulf Coast in Florida, a journey of over 1,000 miles

Our Whale Shark Research Yields Results

The Journal of Fish Biology recently published our scientific paper entitled Population structure and residency of whale sharks Rhincodon typus at Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras.

pdf_48Please download or read the article here.

Tracking the Whale Sharks in and Around Utila, Honduras

docx_48Here is a list of links of sharks that we have identified at the moment.

Whale Sharks First Seen in Belize but Identified in Honduras


Whale Sharks First Seen in Mexico but Identified in Honduras


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