Research Trips

Research trips are run in the high season for whale sharks in Utila, each year we run 4 dedicated weeks where customers can help and learn more about not only the research in Utila, but from overseas researchers that will talk about research in their areas as well. Of course being wild animals we cannot guarantee sightings but in the past 12 years we have been very successful.

Research dates for 2014

Saturday March 29th to Saturday April 5th

Saturday April 5th to Saturday April 12th

Saturday April 12th to Saturday April 19th This week is already full

Saturday April 26th to Saturday May 3rd

Please try to book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

All our trips are through Deep Blue Resort in Utila

Details of the trip

When you arrive on Utila we will meet you and take you to the resort, the standard items that are included are here on a link to Deep Blue Resort in addition to this, there will be a or a couple of researchers from another part of the world who will be with people most of the time, on the dive boats, with you at any time to chat, even to have dinner with at the resort, the researchers will also give some talks in the evenings not only about Utila, but also the area they are from.

You will be shown how to take photos of the sharks to be able to process these and contribute to the worldwide whale shark database and the workings of the database.

During these weeks if possible we will have 2 boats out, one just looking whilst you are diving, all normal diving will also be conducted during the time you are there so you will not miss out on anything, and get lots of great extras during this time.

Either contact [email protected]

Or through the contact page here: Open contact page it is always better to contact us by email as our telephone system is not very good.

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