Dr. Rachel Graham Director of Gulf and Caribbean Sharks and Rays Program

: Wildlife Conservation Society: https://www.facebook.com/MarineMeganet

    Professional Biography

    Dr. Rachel Graham, PhD, has been studying whale sharks with the Wildlife Conservation Society since 1998 in the waters of Belize, Cuba, Seychelles, Indonesia Kenya, India Sea of Cortez, Mexico and Madagascar. She has spent over 1,400 hours in the water with whale sharks and has had over 800 encounters with these famous gentle giants; she has been one of the founders of whale shark research in this area.

    She also works with Sharks, Mantas Rays and Goliath Groupers to name just a few and has recently started Marine Meganet. Through Marine Meganet she has introduced an acoustic array of receivers, in this area she has them in place in Belize, Mexico, Cuba and we have worked with her putting them in place here in Honduras, this will help to find out more about the movement of whale sharks along the Meso American reef system, she has also set up receivers in many other countries including Micronesia, and Kenya and the Pacific side of Mexico

    Whale sharks are iconic creatures that put our relatively small lives and aspirations into perspective. They fly the banner for many less charismatic species and their movements weave a pattern across our tropical ocean landscapes, linking sites and making them true ambassadors of the seas. I truly believe that the world would be a poorer place without whale sharks, which is why we must protect them.

    Rachel has visited us at Deep Blue Resort and to have her advice and help is an inspiration to all involved, we could not wish for a better partner.

    Professional Links

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