Brendal DavisResearch associate, Worm Lab Marine Biology Research Group, at Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia

Brendal Davis

    Professional Biography

    “Brendal’s passion for the ocean has taken her from the rolling green hills of Meadville, Pennsylvania to the shores of South Florida, Central America and now Halifax Nova Scotia. In between she travelled the world, from Australia to South Africa, Central America to Europe. After graduating Edinboro University in Pennsylvania with a BA in Spanish and Criminal Justice, Brendal decided to pursue her dream of a career combining diving with marine conservation. Now she is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Marine Resource Management with Oregon State University. After volunteering in shark research at the world-renowned Bimini Biological Field Station, she found her way to the Bay Islands of Honduras where she led divers looking to catch a glimpse of the Whale Shark.

    Her insatiable dedication to sharks, and contagious enthusiasm for every creature in the sea, has made her a strong proponent of furthering conservation and education with Shark Savers. Brendal enjoys wreck diving and is always on the lookout for sharks, and particularly enjoys explaining sharks’ unique traits to new divers. Her dedication to teaching scuba divers to be “ambassadors of the ocean” and to take an active role in conservation in their own local area is what she loves most. “If we all work together then we can in fact achieve this goal of a sustainable ocean for years to come”.

    Brendal now is a research associate of the Worm Lab Marine Biology Research Group, at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.  While she maintains a general interest in marine conservation, her primary focus is elasmobranch conservation and management; specifically, looking at how stakeholder input and community involvement can further advance conservation efforts for these vulnerable species. In addition, Brendal also works in the field, acoustically tagging and tracking juvenile blue sharks in the NW Atlantic; and teaches a summer university course on the biology and conservation of sharks, skates and rays at Dalhousie University. Brendal has a Master’s Degree in Marine Management from Dalhousie.



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